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A concept to bring Health care at one’s door step. The idea breeds from day to day hassles in taking care of patient in present age of nuclear family unit and old age care even for the accomplished persons who are the achievers during their working age.

Our organisation is involved in Home Delivery of an extensive range of Medicines and Healthcare Services up to critical care range.

We offer services of OT Assistant that includes Injection, Saline and all Pathological blood and urine tests at preferred labs. We shall also facilitate and extend the continuity of care beyond the Clinic / Hospital like, therapy compliance support and prescription refills.

A Lifetime Comfort

We respect your valuable time and to avoid your day to day routine visits to the Medical Stores and pathology, we provide the medicine and healthcare services at your door step with many attractive discounts and other benefits. At Mediqart, we fill prescription medications ranges from 15-40 day supply each time, depending on your requirements and deliver them to your home, work place or any other location as per your convenience.


Services Rendered



Delivery of Medication to the Patient at their door step as per the prescription.


Provide Medical Technicians for administration of Injections and saline drips.


Collect samples for Pathological examination and deliver reports.


Physiotherapy sessions can be availed by patients in the comfort of their home .


Provide first aid in case of an emergency


Organize RAIL / AIR ambulance services.